8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
San Jose, Ca
Hatching season is in full swing here and my broodie silkies have gone wild producing babies.
These chicks are all straight run:
I have
blue, black and splash silkies ( and the occasional showgirl) chicks 1-3 weeks old $10.00
French Black Copper Marans chicks $12.00
Coturnix quail chicks 1-4 weeks old 6 for $20.00
Royal Palm turkey Poults $20.00
Breese: $20.00

Local pick up only. I am a hatching addict who likes to trade eggs, so I do end up with other types of chicks if you have your heart set on something feel free to ask me.
Pictures Of my birds on in my signature
I am interested in a few silkie chicks. I am in alameda ca.
I prefer a few days old so I can raise them.
If the turn out to be male will u take them back or know where I can take the males?
Got your last email. Didn't realize I have limit of two private emails per day. Anyway, no worries, will let you know days ahead of time. Weekends works for us better--at least with traffic, too. Thank you again for your time!

I have a flock of two, minus one (lost one of my girls two nights ago). I am looking for a hen 5 to 12 months old about. Do you have any available? If so, what breeds?

Thank you,
Are you planning on going to the Chicken party in Modesto this spring? If so, maybe I could buy some BCM chicks from you there. What color and production rate of eggs are you getting? I had a very nice pair I raised from eggs. I have a beautiful blue hen that gives me lots of dark eggs but had to remove my ro as he was scaring the neighbor boys who were helping take care of them. Thinking if I could raise a Ro from young they would not be so afraid of him. And their a year older.

I would like to buy some live quails and don't know the pricing. May I get some info regarding this?
how much for 1 or 6 quails? prefer 2 males and 4 females and how many weeks are they? When they can lay eggs and hatch?
Where is your contact info? or address that I can pick them up?

Appreciate your time,

phone (408) 726-4855
email: [email protected]

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