Silkie finally no longer broody- acting weird. Could she be eggbound?

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    My silkie finally snapped out of her broodiness that lasted almost 2 months 2 days ago. She seems to be acting weird, starting yesterday.... Kind of sleepy and when I came home from work she was sleeping on the roost going into the coop with her head tucked under her wing. She seems to be a little hunched too.

    These are the exact same symptoms my hen died of a little over a month ago. Am I just being paranoid? I am not sure what she died of but some sort of infection or reproductive issue.

    So now I am all worried. I felt around but I didnt feel anything but it is hard to tell what are bones and would could possibly be an egg. She is typically a very quiet, calm girl but I also have only had her for a few months so I dont know her personality well outside the broody behaviors.

    Are silkies likely to get egg bound?
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    It's very unlikely that a hen that has been broody for two months would be eggbound. Check and make sure that she does not have a mite or louse infestation. Broodiness for excessive periods of time can be very debilitating to a hen and also makes them more susceptible to parasite invasion. Hopefully she is just worn out.
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    Yes, you're paranoid -- that's what folks should be, if they wanna have healthy chickens.

    I can't specifically address your question, save to say that smallish or overweight birds seem to be more likely to have this happen to 'em. There was another that apparently had this issue, and an excellent response included this link: >> peck here << to open it in a new window ~'-)

    [edit] Had to search a bit to find it, but givin' credit where due: It was CluckyCharms that provided the above link. [/edit]

    The links below (in the signature of this post) might be useful to you as well, and one more -- the anatomy of the chicken is an excellent online presentation of original slides ... you can 'right-click' and 'save as' to have your own copy of > this link < to the .swf file.
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