silkie hatch sucsess rate


May 18, 2015
I just got 9 silkie eggs and I have the bator at about 99.5 degrees, I wanted to know how many eggs hatch on average.
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Congrats on your silkie eggs!

I hatched my first time in a bator a couple weeks ago, and my hatch rate was about 80%. Depending on your bator will depend on your average. If your eggs were shipped then I think that lowers hatch rates. If they were shipped then the eggs need to rest for 24 hours to let the air cells settle. There are lots of hatching threads, so keep us tuned about how it's going!
thanks for you're reply! I'v incubated chicken eggs before (not silkies) and then I only got a 20% sucsess rate (not knowing if all were fertile) are silkie eggs easier two incubate?

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Glad you could join the flock! I've not done silkie eggs before but I'm planning on it soon with some from a friend. Silkie eggs are white so should be easy to candle so you can see what's infertile or may have quit during incubation. I hatch mainly polish and they are white eggs so are easy to spot.
All incubation depend on you achieving optimum conditions in your incubator for them to develop (temp, humidity & turning) Quality of egg also plays a part in hatch rate. Even parent bird health and what they are fed can affect hatch rate.

This is an extremely good article on incubating and hatching and is always my turn to article for information. Here is the link ~

Wishing you the very best of luck with your silkie eggs I hope you have a great hatch.
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Are you eggs local or were they shipped? Generally hatching rates are better for local eggs that didn't need to travel the postal way. Also are this pullet eggs or from mature hens? Pullet eggs can be too small to hatch successfully. You may also want to post and discuss with folks on the silkie thread. Just put "Silkie thread," in the search box and it will pop up. Sending good hatching vibes your way

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