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Okay, so, I want to buy eggs to hatch and need all of the help with it. I haven't been able to find a "hatching 101" kind of post so if there is one.... Someone please link it for me! :)

I'm looking at the Brinsea mini... But I'm not sure if I want the advanced or the eco?

How long can you hang on to fertile eggs before hatching them?

And yeah... I want to known like.... everything before I start ordering stuff. Lol
Here you go:

Can't help you with the incubator choice, both are good! Up to you :)

Fertile eggs should ideally be set within the first 7 days after being laid. After 10 days their hatch ability drops significantly and though you can hatch eggs that are up to 3 weeks old, I won't recommend it. Prolonged storage can result in incubation and hatch problems. For best results store them fat end up in egg cartons or trays, if possible keep them at a temperature of around 55-60*F and a humidity of 65-70% and tilt the eggs at least once a day to keep the yolks centred. An easy way to tilt them is by slipping a book under one end of the tray/carton and switching it to the other side once or twice a day, tilting the eggs in the opposite direction.

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