Silkie losing crest feathers for no apparent reason. Show in october and my silkie is bald! Help!


9 Years
Jul 2, 2013
Michigan (USA)
My lovely black silkie hen had one of those big beautiful lush bushy show crests until about a month ago when it started falling out. It started as a small patch in the back and sides. I treated her for mites as she was scratching her head and I found some bugs. Took care for the problem and feathers began to grow. Now they are again falling out despite her being treated for mites (cant find a single one either) and her scalp looks dry and crusty. I keep looking but she does not appear to be scratching it when ever I see her. She is alone in her pen with no other chickens to pluck her crest.
This time her whole head is losing feathers and her crest is hopeless compared to what it was before.

Only her crest is affected. I have her on dumor layer feed as she is laying and kickin chicken poultry conditioner for oils and what not. Shes broody on some eggs right now but i dont think broody would make a diff as she wasn't when this started.

I keep them all UTD on mites and worms monthly and I've done several thorough inspections and they all come up clean. And believe me I've looked and dusted and sprayed and treated everything imaginable. To the point I worry that any more treating would make her feathers fall out from over use of mite stuffs. Shes on frontline for mites with the rest of my flock.

Nothing seams to help her feather loss. I can't figure out why or how to stop it. I have a show in october and shes darn near bald now!
What am I doing to make her feathers fall out!?!? How do I get them back?


So only her head would molt like this for over a month straight? That doesnt make alot of sense to me. Can any one else back that up?

I would certainly hope it were just that simple :/
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