silkie range? need answers ASAP please!


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Newport, Wales, UK.
hey its brandon
ive had my 8 silkies for 3 or 4 months now
they were in a chicken tractor up the top of the field until a week ago, when i moved them into the adult main coop.
when can i let them out to free range over 3 acres????i dont want them going back to the old coop or getting confused and not going in, and will they just attempt escape???i have 14 other hens at the mo, and its getting difficult to keep the silkies in, so i need to know if they will be ok!
thanks in advance!
please guys?????i need answers!!! also, is there a certain time of day that i should let them out so that they will come in at a nice time, we have problems with foxes in the nights
Hi Brandon,
I just had this same scenario and I kept mine in for a week with the original flock and then let them out. They came back no problem at dusk. Are all your chickens silkies? I know several people with Silkies and they are always getting taken when they free range. They just aren't very street smart and I hope you do not have any issues. As far as getting back to their new coop you should not have an issue unless they have been picked on alot in the new coop and then it may get tricky.

Good Luck
thanks for your reply,
no they are not all silkies, i have a mix of warrens, a light sussex,a rhondda blue, a barnevelder cross silkie, old english games, a RIR and a RIR cross warren
there is not much bullying in the flock, they all seem to walk around and mix together, there are a few pecks from the chickens at the top of the pecking order, and are now and then chased by the ducks/drakes, they seem frightened of one hen in particular.
will this be a problem????i accendently let them out when i didnt bolt the lock properly and the wind blew it open, but i shoo'd them back in, except for one which i found with a torch in the night because he was crowing, otherwise he would have been dinner for a fox!
I waited a week also, but the previous poster is correct, silkies are not as street smart. I have one wonderful roo, Elvis, that I have to track down every night. He just doesn't get it. I find him sleeping in the run, but he won't put himself to bed
He'll also wander off alone, really far. It's like he gets going in one direction and just keeps going. If I call he "flys" back as fast as he can, which is hilarious!! So I'd just keep an extra close eye on them
Normally a week is all that it takes for them to accept the coop as home. There are those few individuals that may take a bit longer to catch on.
My Silkies free range in a mixed flock and seem to do alright. I do have to make sure to trim their crests so they can see.
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