Silkie rooster looking for new loving home

ginny a

5 Years
Jul 31, 2014
Just found out today one if my three beautiful silkies is a rooster. Not sure which one, but think it's my favorite one! If so it's a beautiful frizzle. Needs new home ASAP. In chapel Hill... Pick up only...
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

You will want to chat in your state thread with your chicken neighbors to see if anyone locally will take your sweet rooster. Scroll through this link to find your state thread...

And after you have 20 posts, you can place an ad in our Buy Sell and Trade section in hopes of rehoming him there...

Good luck and I hope you can find him a nice forever home. :)
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You might also try places like your local Craigslist, Farm Store (bulletin board or some also take birds), local 4-H club if someone wants a project bird etc. Good luck finding the little guy a new home.
Welcome to the flock. I bet if you put up pictures of your frizzle roo someone would grab him up. Most people have never seen a frizzle and being a silkie, he is even small enough to be a house pet. You might even want to post about him at "People with house chickens," thread

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