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    hello i really am trying to get my mom to let me show our silikies and wondering is there anything special they need to have to win? and any thing to try and get my mom to let me show?
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    Feb 24, 2011
    Quote:tell chcken show cost way less then dog or horse shows make shure ur one out there keeping care of the bird, be for show i always was and blow dry my silkies
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    I have a page on my website all about Silkies, breeding, showing, feeding etc.

    did you purchase your silkies from, a breeder or feedstore? Hatchery Silkies are no where near the quality of silkies from a reputable breeder of quality birds.

    Also, join the American Silkie Bantam Club & purchase the Standard of Perfection. It will have the standard in their for Silkies along with other info.
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    Where do you live (general area such as the state or near such and so recognizable city; NOT your actual address or name of a small town)? That will help us find some shows that may be near your area. You can also show at county or state fairs, but an APA/ABA sanctioned show is always much more fun and educational. You can consider joining 4H or FFA and doing an exhibition poultry project.

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