silkie still walking backwards

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    Thanks to all of you that showed interest into why my hen was walking backwards and appeared to becoming paralyzed. She has been in the house for the past three or 4 days and with regular trips outside, she is talking very small movements forwards although backwards still seems to be her favored mode of
    Quote: Maybe after this weekend and some much tlc, we can reintroduce her to the main flock again. wish us luck
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    I noticed your post yesterday so I looked up your original thread on your poor Silkie and posted there. It sounds like your chicken has Wry Neck, which Silkies are prone to experience. For some Silkies it can be a reoccurring problem, but rest and treatment can help. Here is a link to treatment options. If you scroll down to the middle of the list you will find the section on Wry Neck.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    When my silkies started walking backward it was defiantly the beginning of wry neck. I've had four cases with my silkies and luckily was able to completely cure three using the Alan standards treatment for wry neck. I swear by this treatment. Go to the Web site brown egg blue and in the searches you will see crook on crook neck and ALL the details and specifics of the treatment is their. It takes about a month for complete healing.basically the treatment consists of vitamin E small amount of selenium to help the bird absorb the E, vitamin B,liquid children's vitamin called pollyvisol without iron and prednisone. The doses and schedules you will find on brown egg blue is common for silkies to get wry neck. I now supplement them with a vitamin powder that has vitamin A D and E in it to help prevent the wry neck. Most of the time it CAN be cured with patience and supportive treatment. It can return so once healed I recommend a good multi I said it takes about a month to fully heal so don't give up. I have had great success with this treatment. Best wishes And hope this helps.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I agree with the other two posters-- this may be the beginnings of wry neck or a neurological problem. I'd get some vitamins, and start giving her some.

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