silkie toes


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Mar 26, 2011
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How big a deal is it for a silkie to be missing toenails on it's outer toes. What about a short outer toe sans toenail? The standards don't say specifically...
Actually the Standard does say specifically: a missing toenail is a one point deduction.
i have a cochin like that. i was told its caused by the foot feather gene. if the toe nail is compleatly gone and its toe is very short it could effect it for show. but the feathers could end up covering it so its not noticable. i wouldnt use it as a breeder bird tho cus it could be passed on.
Fixing the problem of short toes or toe nails can be done in one breeding. I've done it. Had I not tried it I would have broomed out some very good breeders.

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