Silkie walking backwards stumbling


8 Years
Aug 27, 2011
Lincoln Nebraska
Hi i have a 9 month old silkie hen the last week or so she has been moving around slower no quite as active and sometimes she will stop and back up walking backwards and she walks around like she is tip toeing around really slow and sometime she stumbles any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks
I wish you luck. I had two hens do that this summer and fall and they ended up where they could not use their legs at all. Lost a lot of weight and wasted away. I took them to the vet, she said possibly got into something or got botulism. Maybe try antibiotics. I don't know what it could be or which meds to use but try searching on here.
I hope she pulls through.

OH! Try some poly vi sol vitamins and be sure she is eating a "chicken" nutritionally balanced diet. Maybe some electrolytes would be good too. Do it asap. They waste away fast
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Sorry to hear you are having problems. Sounds like your silkie might have botulism. I had a couple that had this after eating or drinking something from the outside pens after it had rained for days last summer. Staggered around like they was drunk, propping themselves up with their wings, then falling over. I did a molasses flush on them. Good as new in a couple of days. Do a search here for molasses flush or botulism.
Polyvisol infant drops (NO IRON) a few drops of vit.e(from a capsule) - this could also be "silkie syndrome" where a bump to the head causes neurological symptoms, walking backwards, sommersaulting, head dropped between legs. Head twisting around into unnatural positions. No they aren't possessed. Silkies with vaulted skulls have just skin over the tops of their head making them highly likely to have damage from any bump or hit to the head.

Research wry neck, etc. some people have reported faster recovery when their vet administers prednisone.

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