Silkie with broken leg?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
I think my silkie hen has a broken leg. she hobbles around and she lays down more than usual. She is eating and doing just fine. I examined the offending leg and I can't figure out where the break is. How do you feel for that sort of thing, what does a break feel like? And how do I splint it?

I'm thinking that I need to separate her from the group, because the rooster is taking advantage of her lots of sitting and hopping on her to mate. Then she seems to hobble worse afterwards.

How long would you keep them separated? How long does a break normally take to heal? Could she have broken it because the rooster was too rough with her?
It's easier to take the rooster away from the hen than it is to take the hen away from the flock. Getting a hen back into the group can be a nightmare.

This exact same thing happened to my Speckled Sussex. She had a hitch in her giddyup when she walked fast or tried to run. I put the rooster in a large dog run inside the chicken run. He could make the girls aware of danger and could look but not touch. Mating made her leg worse also.

We did this for a little over 2 weeks and she is fine now. Her leg must have been strained pretty bad. If you've felt the length of your hens leg you would know it if it were broken. If her bone is just cracked you wouldn't feel anything. She needs time and just in case I would give her a teaspoon of cottage cheese everyday to give her extra calcium. Keep water and food nearby and best of luck.

She could have hurt it jumping up or down from the perch or yes the rooster could be the cause.
she doesn't perch, she lays on the floor with the other silkies, so I don't think it is from roosting, I've never seen her on a roost ever. :(
Does anyone know how long it would take for her to be able to walk on it?? it has been over 2 weeks and she can't put weight on it. I wonder if it is really broken, or if there is something else wrong??

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