Silkies/Frizzles from Chickenstock 2013 - What's too cold?

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    Feb 10, 2012
    We're in Michigan and have had a small flock of hardy Orpingtons for a year now. They did fine last winter in a small coop with a heated waterer and good feed at temps down to 14 degrees. On those nights we left a 200 watt bulb on for a little bit of heat.

    My question is about my other birds...
    In July, we went to "Chickenstock" in Lansing and got two silkies and two frizzles. We raised them together in their own coop so they don't have the other bigger birds to snuggle with for warmth. It's beginning to get colder at night and I'm wondering what folks consider too cold for these smaller silkies/frizzles. We have plenty of bedding in their coop, a heated waterer and an outlet for a lightbulb. Will they do okay even if we get to -14 degrees again this year?

    The person who sold us the silkies wasn't able to answer any questions for us at the time because they weren't the bird's owners and were selling them as a favor for someone who couldn't be there...


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