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  1. I know that there is already a thread for Silkie and/ or other crosses, but I was wanting to see just pics of Silkies crossed with EEs. I am very interested in breeding the two breeds, strictly for my own pets, and was really curious to see what some outcomes could be.
    Thanks so much

  2. Noone has any pics to share??? [​IMG]
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    Never had any. I do and have had silkieXaraucanas, but no photos that I can easily find.
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    Quote:Yeah those a pure Ameraucanas. . . Big difference. [​IMG]

    As said though - I've seen plenty Silkie x EE, and most are just feather legged, bearded, crested, 5-toed partial duckwing colored birds with dark skin. Normal feathers. Silkied feathering is recessive.

  6. I did see that thread, but it sounded like she started off with what she thought were two purebred Ameraucanas, not EE mixed with Silkie. My understanding reading through some of that thread, is that they think her two had a Silkie gene hidden somewhere. I guess I could get an idea of what to expect from mixing my EE with a Silkie though, from that thread. I was just hoping someone had pics of an actual 1/2 EE - 1/2 Silkie. Thanks for the responses though!!
  7. Hi! I have silkie feathered green-eggers that started with a Silkie cross.
    Here's the details:

    I hatched some eggs from a blue Silkie and this IDEAL girl (she was a mis-sexed 'male added for warmth'):
    I guess she'd've been called an EE, the other 'added for warmth' chicks looked EE-ish (multi-colored, bearded, willow legs).
    And got a couple of these:
    Mated those Silkie Feathered Green-Egger girls back to a splash Silkie and got these:
    They lay blue-green eggs as well.

    That's not *exactly*what you were asking for though. Unless your EE girl carries the silkie feather gene, you won't get silkie feathering the first generation.
    I didn't take any pics of the regular feathered ones.
    Good luck! I bet they'll be awesome!
  8. Quote:Thanks! Your birds are so pretty. What a nice surprise that the little warming pack turned out to be a pretty hen too! [​IMG]
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    Those silkied Ameraucanas ARE pure Ameraucanas - they carry the silkie feathering gene, but were not crossed with silkie chickens. Its a spontaneous mutation. There are silkied bantam cochins out there as well - another spontaneous mutation that has nothing to do with the silkie breed. Whole different ball o' wax.

    I hatched some of my EE eggs a while back, and they had been fathered by one of my silkie roosters. Here's what they grew up to look like:



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    Quote:Yeah those a pure Ameraucanas. . . Big difference. [​IMG].

    While its impossible to know if they were mixed , the original pair that produced the silkie feathered birds trace back to a lady that was selling Ameraucana crossed on McMurrey's EE as pure Ameraucana . That same lady was also breeding large fowl Silkies . Here is a link selling her so called Ameraucanas with a description of them if you scroll down the page .

    And another of her breeding pens [ holding a large fowl splash silkie and several black , regular feathered , hens ] that she later claimed were all covered .

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