silkies not laying in nest boxes


9 Years
Aug 10, 2010
Fairfield County
i just got laying silkies and they have been with me for about a week. They are laying eggs all over the place and not in the nest box where they should be. I put golf balls in the nest boxes to encourage eggs laying in there but they wont have any of it. I have shavings in the coop and hay in the boxes and the boxes are at ground level! What should i do?
Silkies are frustratingly stubborn ground sleepers, and since you mentioned in the post above this that they sleep in those boxes, well, that answers it pretty well. They don't want to lay where they sleep and poop! I would raise the nest boxes off the floor and made them a nice soft area in another corner to use as a bed.
I finally got one of mine to lay in the nest box today but i had to physically put her in there. The other one....just refused and laid her egg in the corner of the coop anyway. I am not giving up! LOL
you can hang a sheet over the door way to keep them from sleeping in them . and you can put golf balls in to make them lay in the box . good luck

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