Silkies! Please help with genders


7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
Hello! I belong to a FB group for chicken owners, and one of the other members told me he thinks that most of our silkies are males. I just wanted a second opinion and perhaps some hints to help me for the future. These are my very first silkies, and I am unsure of what to look for. I know based on behavior, that at least two of the chicks are males-- Samson and Leo. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! Let me know if additional photos are needed!

This baby does not have a name yet....

Samson close up

They are very cute! It can be very hard to tell with silkies and so they are too young to say for sure. Of course it is fun to guess, so I vote that Sampson, Quinn, Piper and Leo have that boy look about their eyes, from their expression.
Those are actually the ones I believe to be cockerels too! I am also suspicious of Sasha and Violet..

Thank you for your input!
You are welcome! Some of the ones that you could see as either male or female can really surprise you as they grow up. Even silkie breeders say can be REALLY hard to tell LOL, and I have been shocked myself to discover the genders sometimes as they grow up.
I have heard that. Thank you so much again. It is hard to wait! :)

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