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Just a quick question to my avid poultry friends. I have found a person selling silkies. Is $5 about the right price range for 2 month old silkies.? Just love the looks of them and am considering adding a few to my flock (after the wife and I do the chicken math) ha. I now have room for a couple more hens since my idiot neighbors 2 rat terriers got into my back yard and killed 2 of my barred rock pullets.

ps. law in illinois says i can defend my livestock by any means necessary when being attacked by predators. The .22 is at arms reach most evenings now.(wish i would have known this when the attatack happen).

Anyway, back to the original question; what is a fair price for silkies?
Any ideas?
Yes $5 is a fair price. Mine are priced at $6 for ones a few days old. And I have sold many at that price. Don't usually see them under $4. And had 1 person buy from me that paid $10 and $15 each for a few she had. And they where nothing to write home about.
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I just sold 11 Silkies, all days old for $3 each so price sounds about right for me. Silkies are great birds! I have used two of mine now to hatch out my Polish eggs. They hatched 16 out of 17 eggs I gave them!! BUT my first MEAN Roo was a white Silkie. He was a beauty, but nasty. All in all I'd say they are a great breed, I just wish they were bigger so they could set on more eggs for me lol
My daughter paid $3 each for her day old Silkie chicks. Wish we had more of them, they are a mellow breed and wonderful addition to our flock. Once we have an Incubator they will be the first eggs I purchase for it. <3 them!

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