Silkies V.S. Sebrights


5 Years
Sep 14, 2014
Silkies V.S Sebrights

What are their personality differences? Which are better pets? Which are more hardy? Any information is appreciated! Thanks so much! :)
I've had both Silkies and Sebrights and both of them are wonderful bantam breeds. Regarding personality, Silkies are very sweet and gentle birds; more docile than Sebrights. Because of the temperament differences, Silkies make the better pets. My children made lap pets out of our Silkies. Also Silkies are not bothered by confinement, whereas Sebrights just seem to tolerate it. As for hardiness, I would give Silkies a slight all-around edge. Sebrights are more heat tolerant than Silkies, but Silkies are reasonably heat tolerant and Silkies tolerate cold considerably better than Sebrights do as long as they are kept dry. If you want to brood eggs and raise chicks, Silkies are far better brooders and mothers than Sebrights. In fact, Silkies are the best brooders and mothers of any chicken breed. Our Silkie hens raised a number of broods for us.

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