Silkies with Standard Breeds


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May 16, 2014
I just wanted to share my experience on this topic.
I have 2 silkie hens with 6 standards, one of which is a polish. They have all lived harmoniously together until yesterday evening.
I have a separate coop for my other bantams. I had planned to move the two silkie girls to this coop, but since they were already established in the standard flock, I let them remain.
A little background, the 2 silkies were raised with the standards from hatch. Only 2 of the original standards remain.
This past Spring I introduced 4 new standard breed pullets to the flock after I sustained some losses.
Did the usual "look don't touch" method for about a month. The 4 new girls were introduced 2 at a time over several months. All went well, the usual pecking order stuff. Two of the new girls are the lowest in the pecking order and the small Silkie girls have always been the bosses and put these much larger birds in their place. UNTIL YESTERDAY.
I heard some squawking, looked to see little, less than 2 lb, Layla being chased and pecked by one of the low order standard girls. The other lower pecking order girl then proceeded to pounce on her, this bird is huge.
So, long story short, I placed the offenders in the chicken tractor overnight and will need to play "musical chickens". Plan to integrate the older silkie girls in the bantam coop afterall.
Just wanted to illustrate that pecking order is a fluid thing, and even though these silkies have been fine with the standards for almost 2 years, they no longer are fine and you always have to keep an eye on your birds' behaviour and adjust accordingly. 🙂

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