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May 31, 2010
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I am looking for a person or website that sells black or blue FEMALE SILKIES!!!! I will be interested in making them show chickens!!!
someone plz post, i really want a silkie hen in blue or black for next years youth fair poultry contest, and the poultry books only have straight run!
You will not be able to get a Show Quality bird from a hatchery. I would recommend you contacting Sunshine Silkies or Bobbi Porto. They may have some older birds for sell.
Yep sunshine silkies great birds you won't be disapointed.
I have some blue and black juvenile birds but can't sex them just yet. I may be able to get an idea within the next month but they likely would not be ready to show until around 7-8 months of age at least and that will be October/November. I won't know if they are show quality for another couple of month, but I think there are a few possibilities.

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