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    Jan 25, 2010
    How do you tell if a young silkie which is not a full adult yet is a pullet or a cock??
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    This is the question which, when answered brings the ultimate enlightenment. The answer is the quest of all Silkie owners...

    Actually, it seems if the poof is very full in the front, rather than back further, that is a better indicator of a pullet. If the poof has long wisps that poke out rather than being a neatly uniform length of fuzz, it's an indicator of a roo. A pullet generally has a more horizontal posture, whereas a roo often is more up-periscope more often.

    There is often a pronounced size difference, so if you have one of each, the roo is generally noticeably larger than the pullet. The neck feathers are often thicker on a roo.

    It's a tough call, but with pics we might help.

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