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    Sep 3, 2011
    I want to buy 6 silkies next year and breed and sell them (possibly keep a few.) We have a big market here for silkies. I was wondering how do I have a hen set on them? How should I set up a pen for her? And should I take the chicks after they hatch or leave them with mom? AAAAnd I hear silkies are good moms, is this true? Tell me all about having silkies raise their own babies!! [​IMG]
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    Jul 24, 2011
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    They are the BEST! I've had mine (in the past) raise everything from pheasant to ducklings and sometimes at the same time! They are attentive and gentle and just awesome with little ones.

    I will be using mine to raise quail soon.
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    Sep 3, 2011
    Oh fun! I think my grandma could use a few new ducklings (a fox got a few.) She has some ducks that try to hatch eggs but they go over board and try to hatch 20 and we don't need 20. how many ducklings can you hatch under a silkie? I was thinking I want to buy a pair of 3 colors and see how I like the breed.
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    I have 2 silkies. They both go broody ALL THE TIME, but one does not like to do the setting job and the other is my "go to girl" for hatching. She is an excellent setter and Mama, however, she is EVIL. She pecks with expert precision and has drawn blood. She protects her eggs and babies viciously and without fail. I need to wear gloves to do ANYTHING with her when she is in broody Mama mode. She also WILL NOT get off the eggs for ANYTHING....including pooing. So she poops in her nest/ all over herself the entire time she's setting, which is disgusting to say the least.

    I DO LOVE my silkies tho. They are hysterical and very vocal/ expressive. They pitch "fits" all the time for everything, getting kicked off the nest, not getting let out, not getting treats, getting chased by the dogs.....anything. The one who doesn't like to set is also very sweet and likes to be held and pet. My Mama is not as sweet, but I use her to hatch and raise all of my babies, so I love her for that.

    My Mama was also featured in the 2011 Agriculture Calenders for Oregon and Nebraska.

    She just got finished hatching and raising some quail chicks with her broody buddy, Aunt Lou, her bantam cochin mama friend.

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