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Hi all! I am quite new to all of you but am re-enterting my old hobby of raising chickens. I left with a broken heart about 2 yrs ago this summer when a weasle or fox took out almost my entire group of 30 beloved birds in 1 afternoon. I had birds for 3 years with not 1 preditor problem -- even with free ranging__ to come home to a horrable scene of all my birds laying around. my beloved old rooster without a head -- just as an example to me i felt --- the animal laughed in my face with that ghastly calling card. I am finally able to resume my hobby but scared to death in some ways. My coop is totally revised although was so safe prior to something getting in through a hole under the run fence apparently. I am now starting out with silkies and need advice on how do I get my birds when they are adults to look so fluffy, I have 6 bantams 3 white 2 black babies now and a baby blue cochin. I see some on line that look all scruffy and then you see the ones all fluffy. Am I suppose to brush them out or what? a dumb question I know, but do I need any specail vitamin to make them look thick and fluffy. sorry so long a thread. the rest hereafter will be shorter.thanks for any help


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Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

So sorry to hear about your flock - best of luck with your new birds

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If the silkies are from a hatchery it's not likely they will be full and fluffy like those from a silky breeder. Actually they don't brush and comb and fluff them - a well bred silky looks like that. My friend has had silkies for many years and you could readily tell her feed store birds from the beautiful breeding stock she got from a BYC members several states away.

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