Silly Duck!


12 Years
Apr 8, 2007
Southern WV
When I went to feed on Christmas night I found my big muscovy drake had been attacked by some unknown critter. The back of his head/neck was "cut" in several places and bloody. Seemed to be a bit shocky but otherwise fine. As a result he hadn't gone to roost with the other two, and I found him sitting up against the goat pen. I figured if I left him there whatever it was would come finish him off in the night.

So I get him and put him in this small chicken hutch cage type thingie on my front porch. Figure I'll leave him in there until he heals up. Poor fellow did NOT want to go in that cage. Was NOT happy. Gave him water and some corn and cat food. He didn't eat, I'd say for about 4 days.

It's been 2 weeks, he started eating really well, and his wounds are pretty much healed and he looks good. So I decide that yesterday he will be liberated and allowed to rejoin his buddies (that came to visit him in the duck hospital everyday). I figured he couldn't wait to get out of that thing and be free.

Well, yep, out he comes. Hangs out with his buddies, looks to be perfectly fine.

Around dusk, I see his buddies heading to their roost on top of the chicken pen...he's not with them. Head back down to the house, and he has put himself back into the cage on the front porch and went to bed.

I closed the cage, figure I'll let him out again this morning. If it keeps him safe and he wants to sleep there everynight, I'm all for it!

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