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    Lately when I've been cleaning my pekins/mallards big pool I have found eggs in it LOL. Petunia my silly Peking princess gets stuck in the pool and lays eggs in it LOL. Aflac my drake can't e en get in the pool cuz he doesn't know how to use the step and he's too fat so it's funny to watch him try to get in there while she lays flat for him to come get her hahaha. He usually makes a few circles around the pool before he gives up and goes into the smaller pool.

    Also I got to snuggle with my little handiquacked girl today. I helped her get into the smaller pool so she could bathe before aflacs big butt splashed all the water out.

    I was going to try to clean Duckie's pool but he tried attacking me before I even opened the pen door so I thought forget it. My dad will do it tomorrow and get attacked LOL

    I'm just happy i got to see my little darlings today. [​IMG]

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    Quote:[​IMG] im so happy for you [​IMG] yay petunia! [​IMG]

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