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14 Years
Apr 27, 2008
Bear, DE
:/Just wondering - I have 2 pygmies- a doe and a wether- they are brother and sister and have grown up together-
the boy does not leave the doe alone- he is constantly acting as if he wants to mate
Would she have more peace if I added 1 more doe - or would that be a big power struggle?
You should add more if you have the space for it. The more goats the better. I don't think adding another doe of the same size should be a problem. Just be careful if you ever decided to try and add a buck. I have never had a problem introducing females to a group but males(even fixed ones) always seemed to try and duke it out. They will have to establish the pecking order no matter what sex they are but that is true in most every species.

ETA: I am by no means an expert and there are some wonderful goat keepers on here that may need to correct me. The above was personal experience.
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Just because he is missing something dont mean he isnt male...My wethers do this all the time. Normal behavior, They still think they are bucks but shooting
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Thank you
I now just have to convince DH that we need another goat- he does not seem to mind chickens but the goats make a lot of noise:lol:

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