Silly Hen {Please read this post}!!!

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    It's not that no one is interested in your story, sometimes we just read it and don't comment on it unless there is a specific question asked. I'm glad you found your hen.
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    you are never going to believe this.

    one eavening i realised i was out of feed and remembered my lubies like grass for some reason. with all good intent, as an experament i went to get some hay out of the goat pen to feed them a little snack.

    this is where it gets twisted.

    they sortof got mad at me for the meager breakfast, but i didn't think much of it, "i left the door slightly open cause i wasent going to be in long". when i tossed the hey where i normaly place their food they got startled and stingray and 2 hens got loose. [​IMG] OMG. and my older dog Alice started chaceing them around.

    i decided to go after stingray first because, the hens are replaceable, HE'S NOT. as well as i knew it, I HAD TO GET THAT ROO AT ALL COST. wound up getting stuck between the top of the mower deck and the tractor, was a little bit tricky cause he's so fat and was sort of reluctaint to cooperate while i was trying to coaks him through the pullies and manderals. i got him out safely and even hugged him tightly after i got him loose to show him i was glad i had saved him.

    after leting him fly back into the coop i had to go look for the 2 hens that got loose, they were just out side of the run fence when i found them. but once again i had the dogs to put up with, i successfuly let one inside the run after i lifted the wire slightly, the other one i had to grab by the sholders and gently shove her under the fence too.

    as a good conclusion to this story. luckly, - sis arived latter that night with 2 bag fulls of stage 2 and i was glad i wasent going to have to worry about attempting to feed them hay again, and bro-n-law is in the proccess of building nesting boxes so we're going to be in that stage soon.
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    This sounds just like my EE hen!
    Its hard herding her into the coop/ im scared shes going to fly over th chain link fence some day [​IMG]

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