Silly pullet on wrong side of the fence

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    Tuesday evening, one of my pullets somehow got into the vacant lot on the other side of the six foot chain link fence. She's the third to do so in about 3 months. A friend helped me catch the first, I caught the second by myself because she was one of my favorite "friendliest" gals, but this one was broody raised and is pretty skittish.

    Couldn't capture her Tuesday evening. Not even with shredded mozzarella. But I set up some storm-broken branches on the wrong side of the fence (where the pullet is "stuck") as a sort of "climb this, get over fence" incentive. She WANTS to come home and has been pacing the fence line. Went out after dark with a flashlight, hoping to find where she is roosting to bring her home. She's WHITE fer goodness' sake! Couldn't find her.

    Couldn't capture her Wednesday evening and night, either.

    Today, I am home sick and have been watching her pace that fence, back and forth, wanting to get back here. It's been storming stronger than HECK and I've been worried about her. But the flock is still out there, visible to her, foraging in the wind and rain.

    I put on my boots and slogged through the vacant POND on the other side of the fence where that vacant field used to be. There is a four foot wide, ten foot long, four inch deep low spot full of water right at the fence on MY side of it; the ducks have been gleefully splashing in it whilst I attempted to catch that pullet on the other side. A couple of times, two or three of the chickens from my flock would come over and wade into that low pool right up to the fence to see what I was doing with "their" oatmeal box and a bed sheet on the wrong side of the fence.

    Trying to catch that pullet. Unsuccessfully.

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    What we do for the love of our chickens...

    Tonight one of mine gave me a huge scare when she perched on the fence right over my dog pen. My dogs woud eat her in a second! We had to let the dogs out into the front yard quickly and then scare the chicken into flying back down into her yard. I think i'm going to have to clip their wings...just to keep them safe from themselves.
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    get your self a net. I picked up a large net in the fishing dept. at a local dept., grocery type store. cost about $20. or less and works like a charm. [​IMG]
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    Quote:X2. I agree get a net! You could also try the coat hanger trick, but you still need to get kinda close to her for that.
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    I have a chicken catching hook, but you do have to be fast with it and the chickens sort of have to be cornered to use it successfully (which I have, in my own yard). I think the net on a pole is the best plan.

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    Daughter2 is home safe, as are the two lovely sea-foam green eggs she laid whilst she was on the other side of the fence.

    I, however, am winded and the legs of my pants are wet nearly to the knees.

    I took the chicken hook and it was useful to frighten and herd her into a location where I could smush her up against the fence and grab her. The visiting Mallard pair, which I earlier watched come to the fence to look at the rest of my flock on THIS side of it, observed my behavior from a nice, deep section of the vacant lot pond.

    It was a long walk, with a loudly squawking pullet under my arm, back to the sidewalk, around the end of the fence at the road, down my landlady's part of the property to the drive gate, through that gate (securing it so the sheep don't take a hike off the property) and into my front yard. My Cayuga drake waddled up to meet us and escorted me back to the house after I let Daughter2 loose.

    All is as it should be, again.
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    Good thing it was a vacant lot and you didn't have neighbors noses smooshed to the windows watching this endeavor [​IMG]
  8. gryeyes

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    Quote:No, just all the passing vehicles on the main drag as I rounded the end of the fence with a chicken under my arm. And, earlier, during the chase, all the ones driving down the street on the far side of the lot. Did I mention I performed this rescue right after most folks get off work and are driving home?

    What we DO for our chickens!!!!! [​IMG]
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    There are always a couple of my girls "escaping" over into the neighbor's yard. You should see the looks I get chasing them down the street with a broom [​IMG] [​IMG]


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    gryeyes ... Your a grand chicken mama. Not even cheese huh??? wow there must of been something wonderful over there.

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