Silly Q about the coop and when it rains!?


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Plant City, FL.
Bare with me ok, I'm still new
...BUT, were in FL and had to do lots of ventilation in the coop--we ALSO are blessed with weird storms where you know completely sunny and then, I suppose when it rains the chickens just get wet if the rain gets into the "coop" area?

--side note....remember, I told you I was NEW
I'm a little confused by the question, can you explain it better? I'm assuming if your coop has lots of openings, yes they will probably get wet...Good luck!
yep--seeing that we'll have the openings open pretty much all the time, it's not like i can just run back in there real fast to shut them--gwim? Maybe there won't be as much water as I think get in there...LOL, I'm just envisioning wet chickens on their roost
but I guess with our roof and all it won't be all that bad in reality! DH made the roof so it had an even larger overhand then normal so I'm assuming it'll be fine...sorry about the freak-out...probably won't be the last!
Have roof overhang. In NC we have famous sideways rain lol. Use hardware mesh .5x.5" and that will cut down on rain getting in too. The roof over hang helps tyhough
Thanks so much! I need to post some pics but yep--got the overhang which I completely forgot about and the hardware cloth will be over everywhere else so hopefully it will keep the sideways rain out!

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