Silly Question: Hen with Duck eggs


11 Years
Mar 2, 2008
Will a hen set duck eggs?? We have a neighbor who has ducks and they keep coming over and laying eggs...not a big deal...but they lay them in my hay (small space to climb in to get hay) and I don't like being hissed at when I go get my hay!! Anytime we see the duck off the eggs we take them. We have called the neighbor numerous times about the eggs and her dogs (a whole nother story!) And she usually comes and gets them days later...I figured one batch could be payment for tending her ducks and dogs. So there were 6 I accidentally dropped 2! Oops. I stuck 2 in one of my nests to see if the hens would set on them or roll them out or what they would do. I brought the other 4 inside...they are in a carton on the counter anyone want them to incubate?? I have no idea what kind of ducks they are...I am not positive they are fertile although she has babies every year. If someone wants them what do I do with them until they can be mailed or picked up??? Can I leave them on the counter in a egg carton?? My house gets up to about 80 when nobody is home and it doesn't get below 65 at night.



12 Years
Nov 19, 2007
I just heard a funny story about a hen who sat on duck eggs. It was fine until they hatched and the ducks ran down and jumped in the creek, and the hen was frantically running up and down trying to call them out of the water thinking they would drown. Meanwhile the ducks were happy as can be. Kinda mean to the hen I think.


12 Years
Jan 12, 2008
easley sc
we had a wandering mallard lay in our yard- some of our hens while freeranging shared her nest without our knowledge-So the duck hatched several funny looking ducks!but we caught them before she took them to the lake to swim.She is nesting in the shrubs near the driveway this year:lol:

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