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    [​IMG] But is it at all possible to incubate an egg without a bator??? (or broody) Could it be done lets say in a fish tank with a light and jar of water for humidity?? I don't know the first thing about incubating.....but I was just wondering if it was even remotely possible. Don't laugh....just a "wonder if it would work?" moment. [​IMG]
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    * There's a great post on the forum about incubating in a toaster oven and an electric skillet- so I s'pose it'd be possible-- but I think you'd have a much greater problem w/ temp regulation and keeping correct humidity in a tank.
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    Mar 2, 2008
    Yes, is the short answer.

    But like everything else, incubators are purposely designed to carry out a task efficiently and effectively.

    You can catch fish with a bent pin and a piece of string, but you would enjoy more success using a fishing pole and hooks.

    Just having the pole and hooks doesn't, howecer, guarantee success. Having an incubator doesn't automatically give you great results. Learning how to use it, asking questions and building your knowledge all help.
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    wasn't there someone a long long time ago who actually hatched an egg using body heat?
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