silver appleyard x khaki campbell

I have a khaki Appleyard hatched today! The rest of the clutch are full khaki but the appleyard male must have got to her at some point!
It would interesting to note the growth rate of the mix and what the laying amount averages out to be from these.

At four weeks she is just a little bigger than the two pure khaki campbell females of the same age. She currently looks like a khaki campbell with facial stripes, a lighter chin and neck and a darker tail. The people I got the eggs from only have silver apple yards and khaki campbell's which why I believe that she is a cross between the two. Since she seems to have the brown dilution gene which is sex-linked, her dad should be the khaki and her mom the apple yard. So I am expecting her to be a good layer. Time will tell.
I am now sure my cross is a male. I think he is beautiful. He looks like a khaki Campbell with facial stripes, blue on his wings, and white under his wings. At 8 weeks he is as big, or a touch larger than my adult khaki male. He seems calmer than the full khakis and a better bug catcher.

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