Silver Gray Dorking bantams

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    I have been checking out hatcheries for these chickens. They keep referring me to their bantams species. Is there an other name for them? I am looking for a dozen straight run for keeping on a small lot in the small city. A couple people have been asking if I could help. I was going to raise them till laying age for them. I have a small flock but all my chickens are heavy breeds with a couple of Barred OEGB thrown in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. John
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    I've only ever had them as standard sized birds. I know several hatcheries sell this color of Dorking in the standard size.

    ETA I wasn't even sure they came in a bantam, but I found a few references to them. I think maybe they are more common in the UK, where they were developed. I couldn't find a bantam breed club link on the ABA site. You could try contacting the Dorking breed club, for the standard sized breed. They might know something. I think some of the members might also have some of the bantams. I'm thinking the bantams might only be available from individual breeders and not from any hatcheries.
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