Silver .... no... Silverlilac....


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Nov 3, 2007
podunk... I mean Wabash, IN
O.K. LOL..... I thought I had a Silver Muscovy drake. When I got him he was a beautiful light blue w/maybe a touch of cream here and there. Over time he has gotten .... browner? I thought I had a silver hen....not over time she has gotten ..... browner. Light brownish w/blue highlights. What gives??????? Are they Silver or Lilac...... or something else? I read somewhere... and lost it..... that the feet and bill color helped determine the color. Anyone else read that?
I know nothing about Muscovy colors, but thanks to the Duck Forum, I am appreciating those ducks more and more. And if you can upload photo's, that would be neat.
O.K. here is my young broody gal


and now Theodin, my drake:

It isn't just the lighting. He was graying/browning out. I don't have a currant pic of him since he and my other drake have been fighting. He looks awful right now but I'll try to get a pic tomorrow. His feathers have turned browner. don't know if it's because they are 'old' feathers or he will remain a browner tone. I just am very confused as to what color these two are. Theodin does have gray legs while Sugar has mostly yellow. Sugar also had/has a pink bill and Theodin's is darkening to red and black.

I've gone thru a bunch of threads and posts but still am very confused by the silver & lilac designations. There are some birds I'd call silver & they call lilac.... and the other way around also. If you're selling these, what color would you call them?
I would just call the GORGEOUS!!!
maybe old feathers... my silver pied drake looks like he is turning slightly brown. i don't know if there is a difference between lilac and blue fawn. your hen looks similar to my blue fawn hen ( that is what color i was told she is) but a lot lighter.

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