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Mar 10, 2011
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I have for sale 3 Silver Sebrights (trio). They are a little over 1 year old. I have not had any problems with these chickens. They were picking on my littler ones a bit, but other than that they are great. I have to sell them because I am buying different chickens. ( Mom said I have to sell some before I buy some)
( The main picture above are not mine, I got them from Mine are down below...

I noticed that Silver Sebrights have a rose comb, not a single comb. But mine, however, do look like they have a bit of a single comb, this may be due to a cross gene somewhere in the line of generations. But, I am sure that if you keep breeding their hatched eggs, they will turn out to be rose combed.
These chickens (especially the hens) are very fast, I keep them in the run at all times, if they accidentally get out, I go with drastic measures.

* I DO NOT SHIP * If you are interested, please pickup locally, I will not drive or meet somewhere (sorry I am a busy man) Please email me- ([email protected])
Thanks!!! -Jeremy
This auction should end on Saturday night, if interested, be on the computer Saturday night
There is no reserve.
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They are all single combed, are you sure they aren't silver laced old english games? Just thinking they looked a little gamey to me. Since it wouldn't let me respond to your post, I thought I would edit my original reply. You may try changing them to that breed, they have fairly nice pattern, if someone was working with that variety in OEGB's.
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