Simple Chicken runs...why not?

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    I have been raising chickens and ducks since about 2008 and I have had an aray of different coop and run setups. I tried the chicken tractors and the at one point I had a massive maze of chicken runs. What is wrong with just going this simple way. In the past I had to deal with short runs and so on. This time I went simple and just put up a couple dog panel pens and now I just open the door and walk in and very little work was involved in makeing this type pen. So why dont more people go with this simple way? Is there a problem that I'm not seeing?
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    May 30, 2011
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    I can't speak for others, but in my case the complexity was a reult of not knowing exactly was likely to prey on my flock. In the absence of that info, the prudent approach seemed to be to build as safe as possible. Sounds like you've been through that and now have a better idea of what works for you.
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    I use chain link dog panels as temporary fencing. The problem with chain link is that it won't stop opposums or weasels, the gates require some finesse to make predator proof and it still has to be covered on top. I can get a tighter safer pen building it myself.
    The good thing about chain link is that its pretty tough stuff and will stop most dogs.
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    I also use dog pen panels configured to give the birds 200 ft. They are simple to put up but do pose a challenge for overhead cover. Right now I have tarps for shade but that is not adequate for full protection.

    So far have had good luck as far as predators go. Only two possums, one RAN right through the chain link, in and out when I got to the pen. Corrected that problem with with a fine mesh skirt around the bottom.

    One can pick up used pens on CL. For temp pens/runs they are great.


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    I have did a few things to the chain link. I put some of the thicker plastic wire along the bottom sides and put deer netting over the top. I have found that is you put the panels around a tree that it gives them shade and hawks kinda overlook them. I had one hawk get in but it didn't come from above. It landed in front of the pen and walked in the door when I had the birds out free ranging.
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    I have two 10x10x6 ft kennels made with cyclone fencing. To totally secure my ducks and chickens in this area, I ran 1/2 inch hardware cloth around the outside walls and up three feet, secured with some plastic ties but mostly with hog clips made of metal. If a chicken or duck sticks their head out through the cyclone fencing, a raccoon can and will try to pull the animal through the fence and/or will decapitate it). Across the top of the kennels I got metal poles about 1 1/2 inch across x 10 ft long and secured them across the top again with hardware cloth so no one is going to climb inside the kennels or drop from the air. I have to add two foot sections attached to bottom rail of kennels on the outside, then cover with dirt and rocks to keep anything from digging under the walls of the kennels.

    I lost a chicken to a raccoon and it was terrible!!!! This time I am doing all I can to secure my ducks and chickens so no one gets to them.

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