simple question

as soon as you are feeding them things other than chick grower or starter, that feed has grit or is suppose to,
I leave grit out all the time in my brooder so they can have it whenever they want, course I rarely seen them eat it.
It is never to early if that is what you are worried about.
Thanks I was wondering because I haven't started them on it yet. I guess I need to get it and mix it with their feed.
Do you keep you peafowl on the same medicated feed through out their life?

Mine still get some turkey starter, but it's *not* medicated. I remember reading somewhere that prolonged use of feed that contains amprolium can cause a thiamine deficiency.

Note that I would feed my chicks medicated feed, but it's never fresh enough and the chicks seem to prefer the one I found for them.

Just checked Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook and it's where I read "prolonged use may cause thiamine deficiency; treatment is usually no longer than 14 days", but it was referring to Corid and Amprovine, *not* medicated feed.


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