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  1. percyj

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    Jun 20, 2010
    Hi, all!!! I was wondering if you guys could give me some help with a coop/run I'd like to build. I want the dimensions to be roughly 8x9 ft, and maybe 6' tall, but my building powers are basically stapling mesh to wood. IF that. Really, I don't know what a 2x4 is!!! [​IMG]. Does anybody have any VERY simple plans for a newbie like me? This coop will either be for ducks, or chickens. If chickens, anybody want to tell me what they need in their coops as compared to ducks? Lol, I warned you, Im clueless.

  2. Sorin

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    Jul 15, 2010
    Glenfield, ny
    Im fairly good at building, horrible at directions. I will suggest the book chicken coops for dummies. I have heard a lot of great things about it, I guess they give very explicit step by step instructions for 5 different coops, and they take into account people with no prior building knowledge. You could also check out the coop section here at BYC, some people go into great detail on how they built their coop. Hope this helps!
  3. Hillbilly Hen

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    Apr 11, 2009
    Newaygo Michigan
    You could try a hoop house type of run made from cattle panels. I have one if you want to check out the coop in my siggy.
  4. Robert Boyd

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    Quote:my run is built from cattle panels as well, im gonna go check out your:^}

  5. gryeyes

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    You could what I did with my first run: I pounded 6 ft metal T-posts into the ground, then strung chicken wire on it (don't snap at me yet, I know chicken wire doesn't keep anything out). Then I went back and put a four foot high second layer of that green or black plastic "poultry fencing" as the second layer. THEN I put 3 foot wide hardware cloth as a second layer, with one foot of the hardware cloth on the ground as an apron. So there were three layers two feet high, two layers four feet high, and one layer of the chicken wire six feet high.

    No construction skills necessary. I also strung bird netting over the top of the run, with an occasional six foot garden stake mid-span to hold it up above my head. I'm 5'4" so it was enough head room to walk in the run.
  6. Robert Boyd

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    Quote:definately not laughing at this, Im using T posts every 52 inches on the entire outside walls of my pen,
  7. percyj

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    Jun 20, 2010
    I was thinking make 4 frames, staple hardware cloth onto them, put one of the frames on a hinge, and put a tarp on top???
    I really am clueless.

  8. gottadance

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    Mar 18, 2011
    Wheaton, IL
    Where do you live? If you're in a area where it snows, you'll want to consider putting hardware cloth, supported, over the run, then the tarp - keep out the snow.
  9. percyj

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    Jun 20, 2010
    North Chicago... Yeah, the hardware cloth is a good idea. Does my plan sound feasible to y'all? OOOHH!!! This just hit me. what if I use a dog kennel? What additions would I need to make to a kennel tO keep it safe?

  10. teach1rusl

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    If you're JUST talking the run, not the coop housing, then a dog run sounds perfect for you!!! You'd need to wire or zip tie a smaller type wire (hardware cloth would be great) around the bottom 24 inches or so of the sides. Places like Home Depot, Lowes, etc. sell attachments where you can add a gable style roof (in tarp like material of course). A flat roof probably wouldn't work in your area due to snow. Or you could just run wire across as a "roof" and zip tie it as well.
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