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    Nothing fancy.....Started off as a dry wall table (3 x 8) when Hubby was remodeling our house & never left. Several years ago I got involved raising hatches until 8wks old for a breeder. Started them off in a large plastic bin with light in the house, had Hubby enclose the bottom of the table. Worked great. He then built a corner table (2 x 8) for my gardening which we enclosed too.

    No longer doing that, now have 2 RIR & 2 EE (bought as Ameraucana) that are "pets with benefits". They're 8wks, Hubby installed a removable perch going the width, they didn't like it & chose to sleep in the pan with shavings. So then had Hubby do the "T" facing the window....They LOVE IT! They all sleep there now.

    The run is 5 x 8 for chicks to get sunshine, got bird wire over the top. It's light enough that I can move it around the yard as they wore down the grass. Next project is a bigger run for the 4 pullets I have now, probably a 8 x 10 x 6 the dog house will be raised off the ground and perches added.

    The chickens spend the night in the 'coop' & walk out to the run for the mornings, in the afternoons they have run of the yard & go into their coop when it starts to get dark. Nothing fancy, simple & versatile....Works for me.







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    Very nice! Everyone on BYC would like to come visit you and see your coop, especially once the snow start flying!
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    Neat operation you have going on!

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