Singer Professional Sewing Machine - its working, thanks!

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by spook, Dec 13, 2009.

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    Greetings guys, I'm at the end of my rope. My mother passed away in July and she was the only person that I knew that had the magic fingers to fix her own, let alone everyone elses, sewing machines. It is a Singer Professional sewing machine, set up on a bench like shoe shops would. I hope someone can help me out here in chicken land!!!

    What its doing is not catching the thread from the bobbin, then it will gump up the thread on the underside. See, I've tried changing the threading, direction of the bobbin spool, tightened, loosened and prayed to heaven above and almost started a sweat lodge under it!
    If anyone can give me a clue, I'd truly appreciate it!

    I truly hate to take it in for repairs if its a simple matter. We have a sewing friend that thought the timing was off. I just don't know.

    Thank you in advanced for helping out.
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  2. do you have the needle pushed to far up in the shaft, or not far enought in the shaft try changing both and see if that will help. if not check out singers website for year and model of machine, they may have a book or you may be able to e mail cust service good luck marrie
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    May 18, 2007
    Quote:Have you taken the entire shuttle assembly out and made sure it is lint free? Are the feed dogs up? When mine starts to give me fits, I take it apart and clean out all the lint and oil every thing first. Sometimes if more than one color of thread has been wound on a bobbin it will act up too. (raises hand....guilt of doing that).
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    you may have the wrong sized needle... but your tension is definately off, make the number higher and when making bobbins ensure there is tension on the tread so its winds snuggly.... good luck, I have been fixing these things since I was about 8!! [​IMG]
  5. spook

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    thank you so much, I will try all these things. Of course the needle is one that Mom had, will change tho, she had been going down hill for quite a while, more so earlier on.
    Also, I will take shuttle apart, there are no numbers to give to your bobbin, as far as needle, to think of it, I brought it from far right as most sew, to the left side (looking at it) I'm wondering about that. Someone said Timing. Through the poultry club I found out there is someone near that can repair, but I'll have to take it apart and spend $$ that I don't have.
    Again, I'll look at it tomorrow and I genuinely appreciate your responses!!!!
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    When it comes to the bobbin should be able to let go of the bobbin case while holding the end of the thread and lightly jiggle the bobbin up and down with the thread and it should be able to come out of the bobbin fairly easy with some tension on it but not fast. To tighten the bobbin there is a tiny screw on the side of the bobbin case. Rember..... right tight, left loose. You certainly don't want that little screw to fall out. Take a half turn each time while fixing the bobbin tension.

    I hope I am making sense here. When you start to get upset with it do what a pal of mine told me about quilting......get up and walk away for a few minutes [​IMG]
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    This sounds like a problem I had a few years ago and I was ready to take a sledge hammer to it. Thankfully, I thought about it overnight and thought I would try just one more thing. I took off the metal bobbin plate and turned it over to see if there were burs on it. Sure enough there was! I filed it with a small metal file and bingo! It's been running like a dream ever since! I hope that's what your machine's problem is because it's such an easy fix. Good luck! [​IMG]
  8. spook

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    Wow, you guys are great!!! I did walk away from the machine for 2 days, never had time to go look at it. I think its working again. I did turn the thread around in the bobbin case (geesh, not sure of which whatchamacallet is which), rethreaded the top spool, made sure the thread was not old- not the main issue but needed to check, then tipped the machine over on its hinges and used a leadless pencil to pull fuzz and lint out from all areas I could get to, then watched the feed bars, and top thread catch the bobbin thread, but no stitching happened. So I saw a knob/dial on the top of the machine where it looks like the bar (on older machines) comes up and down and turned to the right (tight) 1/4 turn, hmmm began to make a difference, then another 1/4 turn, better and another 1/4...BINGO contact, wooohoooooo!
    Lets hope that is all I'll need to learn, but I can say there is some great knowledge with you folks, thank you so much!
    Oh, did I mentioned that I oiled everything too?

    Now, how about a huskey surger [​IMG] Mom could not get that going. The thread is run in the directions it shows on the diagram and it will work but then the thread comes out of the cycle shaped bar that swings right with the hole in it. Then it will not stitch at all.

    As for owners manuals, I have just inherited all this and G only knows where it is, or anything, Mom didn't keep a lot of that stuff, she didn't need to (ugh) as she repaired everyone elses machines. In these last few years I've done most of the outside and inside stuff with no time for crafts or sewing, mom did that and I enjoyed hearing her tell friends how much "she" accomplished. Even tho I still feel a little lost, I have more time now to do things.
    Hope the sunshine gives us all hopes for those stormy yucky days! lol and thank you again.
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    Apr 8, 2009
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    I got my Mom's singer, too. It's very tricky, too and she thought it was because she let it sit so long without a cover on it and dust got in it.... I'm saving up for a new one! This one drives me nuts!!! I hope yours keeps working. And if it does, keep a cover on it when not in use! [​IMG]
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    Covered- ha ha ha...its in the damp basement, dry in winter and loads of moisture in spring. Not a good place and will someday cull stuff out enough to bring it upstairs for its own benefit.
    I've managed to get 3/4 of the top of the quilt done, its not a planned one, a throw together, some blocks are the same touching each other, others are turned around and updown! A crazy quilt for a king sized bed!

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