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Oct 14, 2008
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for these eggs to hatch!

Three are out. Two are my EE eggs and one I am not real sure what it is. It SHOULD have been a mille x Jap but it isn't so I will have to look over those egg shells real good when I get them out.
Still waiting on 3 EE eggs and 1 Blue Polish, sigh. Wait, wait, wait, wait,....
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Yeah my last three are taking their sweet time to hatch. I'm so spoiled by most of them hatching day 19.5 to early day 20, the last few always make me crazy.

One of them is half out and resting, him I'm not worried about, one is making a weirdly huge pip rather than zipping (he was pipped on the downside when I checked the egg - I had to turn him to upside) and the last is just pipped, and at that barely. So we'll see. Only the one I had marked as a no-go is a no-go. So yay. First run for the antique bator is a good one.
My two batches I have set to hatch on weekends. That way I can plan something that keeps me away from the house while they peep and hatch..

I couldnt live with myself if I was there!
Ok, now I have one blue EE, one yellow EE, one yellowish-blue EE, one black EE and one Blue Polish(the first blue I have hatched from my blue x splash mating-the rest have all been splash) hatched. Just one left to wait on.
My last has hatched, rather abruptly, bled a bit but is fine, all are warming and drying now. The Delawares hatch like guineas and quail - boom they're out. I'm keeping the last separate til he catches up in energy and dryness to the others. Make sure the bleeding from the umbilical site stops entirely.

Every egg expected to hatch, hatched. I'll take it
Well, some of mine pipped yesterday around 12:00 and some of them around 7:00 pm and it has taken them all this time to get out. I am not expecting the one that just pipped to be out before tomorrow but who knows, maybe he is more ready than the others were.

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