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    My Rhode Island Red is about 9 months old, and is just sitting down in the run, she can walk, but just sits in the dirt and does not peck around. I looked at her vent could not see anything unusual, but have no idea what to look for. She does not seem to have runny eyes, or is completly lethargic, she has lost a few feathers, but all the chickens lost a few before I put the winter lights up last week. I have 8 chickens with a coop and an enclosed run. Because they all share a coop and a run, and my run is outside and mostly uncovered, I have no idea about her poop. I have no idea how to diagnose her, or how to treat her. Any suggestions?
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    I recommend you pick her up and visually inspect her for lice/mites, especially around the vent area.
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    First, segregate her from your flock. Putting her in a portable dog kennel works, or if she's really still, a box with a towel or something draped over the top. Put her in a warm, quiet area. After you do what dawg said, do some searches here for worming your chickens. It could be many things and you'll need to watch her very closely to pick up signs. They go down quickly... Watch to see if she's eating or drinking. If not, try tempting her with things like scrambled egg, or canned cat food. Help her to stay hydrated by using a dropper to dribble water down the side of her beak fairly often. Adding an electrolyte solution apparently helps although I usually just add some fruit juice from my home-canned fruits.

    There's a LOT of info on this forum, just keep putting in searches and try to identify the symptoms your girl exhibits. Best of luck.

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