Size of air cells/age of eggs/hatching outcomes

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    I have six bantam chicken eggs in the incubator from a neighbor's chicken.

    At setting: 3 had no visible air cell, 2 had a clearly visible air cell, and one I set a day later than the others and won't include here.

    I'm assuming the two with the larger cell are older. However, they are also oblong and slightly larger, whereas the other three are all short and more round (but all are obviously bantam). So it seems possible also that they have the larger air cell because they are larger.

    Day 5 candling: Those with the larger cell to begin with, predictably, still have a larger air cell. They also have clearly visible veining but no visible chick. The smaller eggs have much stronger veining and a visible embryo.


    Can anyone, from experience, predict the outcome?
    Is there much chance the two "older" eggs will hatch successfully?
    If so, will they hatch later (since they seem to be behind on development)?
    Also, any idea why they would be shaped differently?

    Additional Info:
    There is only one banty hen who free ranges over here, so I'm pretty sure they're from her, though there are two roosters who are likely fathers.

    Any thoughts at all welcome. [​IMG]
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    Wish I could predict the outcome but by day 10 candling you should have a good idea if they are going to make it.

    Good luck.

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