Size of Silkie eggs


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Apr 10, 2012
Near Cobleskill, NY
I just got my Brinsea Mini Advanced incubator in the mail today, exciting! I am expecting 12 silkie hatching eggs in the mail in the next week or so I am trying to read up before they arrive. The incubator is supposed to fit 7 regular sized chicken eggs in the bator. My question is, how many silkie eggs will it fit? I am not of sure the size of a silkie egg. I purchased a tray that is supposed to fit 12 small sized eggs like pheasant eggs. Does anyone have experience with this incubator?
This is going to be my first hatch and I am nervous that I will mess something up and ruin the eggs. Are there any resources that will help me from Opening the box of eggs to when the chicks hatch?

Thanks for your help.
How exciteing . I want one of those really bad but Im gonna go with the 20 eco for more space. I am not shure you can fit 12 silkie eggs in there , I have seen some that seem quite small and others that wernt to much smaller then small regular chicken eggs I am shure someone else with more expernace will know more. I sapose if you dont turn the auto turn on right away you could stack them up till day 5 when you can candle and see if any are clear and need to be tossed out but I dont know if that would be advisable or not . Did you try the learning section ?

Good luck hopefully you will get more expert ansewers soon. Some people that get shipped eggs store them for 24 hours fat end up to let the air cell stableize but if its warm theres a chance they got to warm others sit them fat end up in the incubator but dont turn them for the first few days.
thanks for the support

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