size of turkey eggs, and frequency

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    Hello all,
    About what size is a Royal Palm egg? Like, how many inches long, and about how many around? I have my turkeys in with my chickens, and I have no idea what hen lays what eggs except if they are standard or bantam. Today, I found a giant egg in the laying spot the hens use. It is much larger then the other standard eggs, and is larger then the extra jumbo at the grocery. Could this be a turkey egg? It is white. Also, how frequently do turkeys lay?

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    Here is a shot I took to show off a f**t egg (the little one) but, for comparison, from left to right: Royal Palm/f**t egg/Standard Black Sex Link egg/store bought model.


    The turkey eggs have a rougher texture and will usually be spotted (some more than others). The shell is also more durable (try cracking it). Our Royal, once she got a serious start, would lay daily and would usually work up to ~15 eggs in a clutch before she'd actually go broody (would leave nests unattended until the `proper' number of eggs were clutched). We'd wait until she was about up to the limit and then move the entire clutch into a predator proofed nesting area (a definite must). Just a shot of one of her putative nests when we went out to collect up the eggs:


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