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5 Years
May 27, 2014
I have a duck house that I had 7 ducks in last spring, it is 4x6 ft and 5 feet tall. I have 3 ducks left currently living in it. I want to get 10 ducks but am worried that this is too small for all 13 ducks. Thoughts?
Way too small for 13 adult ducks if it is housing them 24/7. if it is just a night pen, it may work. My 13 snuggle up at night in about that amount of space. They have more space, but dont use it. Ive seen them all snuggle in a 2x3 doghouse at night, happily. BUT they do come out EVERY morning covered with poop and head straight for the pool to clean up. They free range all day so space is not a problem. Its a nasty messy thing to have 13. They may also get aggressive toward each other if they dont have room to spread out.
They are free range during days, at night is the only time they are in there. I'm planning on getting khaki Campbell's for laying. Right now I have 3 pekins. They have a 1/4 acre pond 30 yards from their house. The only time my ducks now spend in the house during the day was during the winter to stay out of the weather, but it might be better that it is smaller for warmth in the winter.
Our first duck house was 4x8, and ten Runners fit nicely in it. I also built a veranda, also 4x8 - top bottom and sides metal half inch hardware cloth - especially for hot weather - I could have a bit pot of cool water on the veranda, with food, and it kept the duck house from getting messy.

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