sizzles or cochins


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
berkeley springs
My little curlies are getting bigger, but Im starting to think they may be sizzles instead of frizzled cochins? What do you think?



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Is there a silkie in the heritage? Count the toes for a quick check.

If not, they are frizzled cochins.
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Some frizz cochins do have a little tuft, but you are right: these guys' is rather pronounced. I suppose they could be missing the extra toe if there was silkie in the background, but I kindof doubt it. SOME silkie trait ould have made it through: dark sin, the comb, toe, something. Even my 1/4 silkie frizzle had extra toes.
Those are sizzles, not pure cochin. If they are mising toes or other silkie features (ecept feathering), then they need to be bred to a smooth with the correct features or a silkie.
I have chicks I have hatched from the same Silkie/Cochin parents. Some look more like Cochins and some more like Silkies. Out of four that hatched the first time, I have two with 5 toes and 2 with 4 toes. Same parents. The 5-toed birds definitely look more like Silkies now that they are grown. They others definitely look more like Cochins. I think you can get a mix of both breeds. Don't you just love Frizzles???

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