Skinned hatchling help!



Bantam newly hatched just this morning has been skinned along its side by I assume its mother as shes a first time mom.

This is the first time I have let the moms just do there thing out in the coop so I was expecting some sort of misfortune.
Now I have shocky chick who I have coated in neosporin and put directly under a spare heat lamp on a clean towel.
Is this one of those it will make it if it makes it moments? Or is there anything else I can do?

And, what should i do with the other chicks? Let her raise them and see what happens, or take them away and put them all under my Buff Orph whos a proven good mom?
Well, one more egg hatched and the mom seems fine. My last year broody has come over and decided to sit guard next to the two moms. I hope she ends up 'helping" raise them like I have read sometimes will happen.
I think for the moment I will just keep an eye on the moms and essentially hope for the best.
Alright well I called the vet and they told me to keep applying neosprin three times a day and washing the wound with sterile water.
The chick itself is very active and I was able to teach it how to drink and eat this morning so the vet is highly optimistic that the chick will be alright.
ouch! poor baby! Happy that you found her/him quickly and started treating. I am sure he/she will be OK, glad to know there is another "experienced" hen in with the two new mommas.
My poor little baby.
It thinks im mom, it runs to the front of the crate every single time I check on it. I like how active it is, both energy wise and eating and drinking wise.
Well a little chick update:
I'm having a hard time getting it to drink without me there. I put a few small stuffed animals in with it along with a feather duster.
But when ever its hungry or thirsty it cheeps for me. Like right now its calling
I don't want to put another chick in with it because of its injury...
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Whelp I figured it all out myself thank goodness, and I have some AWESOME news.
The chicks side is healing VERY quickly. All that is left from the skinning is a part of ozzy tissue by its leg that keeps moving. The vets says that it will heal just fine as long as I keep it clean.
The rest of the area has a thin layer of skin regrowing already over the flesh.

I opted to put the smallest baby in with it. Though now they both peep for me...
Oh well, guess im the designated mom!
The poor thing is covered in neosporin and boy does it hate it. Another weak and I think it might be safe to name it Lucky! :D

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