skinny pale 11 wk old chicks


10 Years
Sep 19, 2009
central georgia
i have a mixed flock of brown egg layers(giants,rir,rocks etc).i noticed last week that about half of them are not gaining weight,even losing doesn't seem to be breed related as some of each breed is that way.they are always eating and drinking.i try to never let their food get empty.i have since seperated most of the bigger ones(i think mostly roos).i dewormed with wazine 4 days ago.i started putting vitamins in the water and have medicated starter.they are pale and weak but they seem to always be sneezing or coughing.i have checked for mites and have not seen any.there poop is mucusy and red(not pure blood) but i have not seen any worms.i dewormed everyone and put all the skinny chicks together.what else can i do?thanks
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