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Jun 27, 2012
I'm not sure what to post this under but yesterday my dad and I found a rooster on the side of the road. It only took us about a minute to catch him and once I was holding him he was very calm. We walked down the road to see if anyone knew who his owner is. We couldn't find his owner but while we were looking he fell asleep in my arms. We stopped by a neighbors and got enough food for the night and we took him home. He is very friendly, and once we got him home he ended up falling asleep on my leg. He doesn't appear to have anything wrong with him except for the fact that he is very tired. After sleeping all night he seems to be more energetic, his poop looks normal, his feet etc. However he looks like his wattle has a bit of frost bite from this past winter and he is very, very boney. I have no idea how long he has been out for, but he also doesn't seem to eat a lot (although I have never had chickens, I am used to how much my BBW turkeys eat.) My question is, is there a medical reason why he is so skinny or has he just not had a lot of food? What can I feed him to get him back up to a normal weight? (Should I do anything about the frostbitten bits of his wattle?)

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You could trim them off but if they're not infected they'll just fall off on their own.
He could have worms but more than likely just been on a diet.
Carbs and protein. Get him a high protein chick grower or game bird flock raiser type feed - minimum 18% protein. Black Oil Sunflower Seed for treats.

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